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Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf + Shopping Trip

Monday, June 06, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Yesterday I actually left the house. I know it's a massive shock, me leaving the house. I just thought I would take you through the day because it was such a nice day.

I would like to mention this is NOT a paid promotion or sponsored post.

It was nice just to be out the house. If you know me, you will know that I am always inside, apart from when I have to leave for work. I never go out to do something for fun.

I am going to start by doing a very British thing, talking about the weather. As most of you are aware, in the UK is it nearly always cold and raining - even for most of the summer. However I must have planned this perfectly because the sun was out, and not just that, it was nice and hot too - maybe even a little too hot. But I can't complain, it's better than shopping in the rain (unintended rhyme haha).

We arrived around lunch, so after a quick bite at McDonalds we went to Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf. It's a 2 x 18 hole jungle themed golf course. It was my first visit but I will definitely go again, and I would recommend it - even if you can't play golf. It was loads of fun, and the time just flew by.
Let's just say.... I'm not going to become a professional golfer anytime soon haha.

Anyway golf over, we decided to take a look around the shops. I wasn't out to buy anything in particular but I did end up buying a few items without spending too much money which is always a bonus.

To finish the day, we had a 'cheeky' Nandos. Ok 'cheeky' probably isn't a thing anymore, but lets go with it anyway.

So it was getting late, and the shops were starting to close - it was time to head home. It turned out this 'little' trip ended up taking over 7 hours and over 15,500 steps (that's over 13.5km of walking).

After a massive 7 hour shopping spree you would probably have expected me to come back with a tonne of stuff... but nope, it was just a couple of bags. I'm not going to show you what I got because I am planning on doing a Haul Video on my YouTube Channel soon, but here is a little hint...

It was such a lovely day, and it was definitely better than just being in the house like usual. I hope you also had a lovely weekend. Let me know what you did in the comments!


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6 June 2016 at 22:08 delete

Well, once again I am really impressed with this awesome Blog. It has to be one of the most colourful Blogs I have ever seen. I just love all the great pictures you have included. They really do add so much to the presentation. I noticed you have a Twitter feed to the right of the Blog - a nice touch. As I said last time, this work is really professional and a joy to read.

Well I'm glad you enjoyed your day out. I would have too. I can't wait to see what you have in those shopping bags. I went perusing my local Waterstone's recently. I took a pic and posted it on Twitter. I will send you it.

Keep having fun days out. I want to read about them and see the pictures!

PS Those bath-bombs look good enough to eat :) (BlueSanns)

6 June 2016 at 22:36 delete

Thank you so much! It was fun taking the photographs at the golf course & around the shops for this post. & I just those pics on Twitter now :)


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