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Autism Awareness Month

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Lets help raise awareness for Autism! 

What is Autism Awareness Month?

Autism awareness month is in April, and the idea is to educate people, and generally make people aware about Autism. The colour blue is used to symbolise Autism (hence why I am using blue for this post). Many places around the world will turn their lights blue and many people will wear blue items of clothing to raise awareness.

Eiffel Tower lit up blue for Autism Awareness

What is Autism?

Autism is a condition that affects social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. Autism is a spectrum condition, this means that, while all autistic people share certain difficulties, being autistic will affect them in different ways. The disorder varies from mild to severe

(Sources; NHS - Autism; National Autistic Society; BBC Science - Autism)

How does Autism affect people?

Some people with autism are able to live relatively independent lives, but others may have accompanying learning disabilities and need a lifetime of specialist support.

People with autism will experience difficulties in each of the following areas, known as ‘the triad of impairments’:

  • Difficulties with social interaction – being unaware of what’s socially appropriate, finding chatting or small talk difficult and not socialising much. People with autism may appear uninterested in and find it very difficult to develop friendships and relate to others, while those with Asperger syndrome are more likely to enjoy or want to develop social contacts, but find mixing very difficult
  • Problems with verbal and non-verbal communication – those affected may be able to speak or may be unable to speak at all. There may also be difficulties understanding gestures, body language, facial expressions and tone of voice, making it difficult to judge or understand the reactions of those they are talking to or to empathise with people’s feelings. As a result, they may unintentionally appear insensitive or rude to others. They may also take others comments literally and so misunderstand jokes, metaphors or colloquialisms.
  • Lack of imaginative play – such as not enjoying or taking part in role-play games. They may also find difficulty in understanding abstract ideas. There may be overriding obsessions with objects, interests or routines, which tend to interfere further with building social relationships (this is known as stereotyped or repetitive behaviour)
(Sources; Care Trade - Answers For Autism)

As mentioned before, Autism is a Spectrum Disorder meaning it affects people in different ways.

Autism Facts & Statistics

  • 1 in 100 people have an autistic spectrum condition. 
  • 620,000 people and their families are effected every day. 
  • 96% will never live independently 
  • Autism is a serious, lifelong and disabling condition. Without the right support, it can have a profound - sometimes devastating - effect on individuals and families. 
  • Autism is much more common than many people think. There are around 700,000 people in the UK living with autism 
  • Autism is a hidden disability - you can't always tell if someone has it. 
  • While autism is incurable, the right support at the right time can make an enormous difference to people's lives. 
  • At least one in three autistic adults are experiencing severe mental health difficulties due to a lack of support.

(Sources; Care Trade - Answers For Autism; National Autistic Society)

Spread Awareness

It may be mid-April but it is not too late to show your support. Wear something blue and help spread awareness for autism. You could also help by sharing his article.

Learn more

I am definitely not an expert, or qualified in any way. However, I do know people with autism, and I share many of the traits myself (although I have never been to the doctors about it, and I have not been diagnosed with the condition). 

If you are interested and want to learn more about Autism I will leave some links below for you to checkout!

I feel like mental conditions are usually treated different to physical conditions - and this is simply because some people don't understand. I feel like mental conditions are harder to understand because you cannot 'see' the problem.  For example, You can see that someone has a broken arm (or other physical conditions), but you cannot see autism (or other mental conditions). Yes, some people may be able to see the signs of autism, but you would only know the signs if you were aware of the condition. Hence why there is an awareness month - so more people can 'see' the signs.

In order to keep this information as accurate as possible, some of it has been sourced from other places - Credit has been given to the applicable parts. The images used are not my own - All credit goes to the original owner.


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20 April 2016 at 20:47 delete

Wow! What an interesting Blog. I would never have known it is Autism Awareness Month if you hadn't told me.

One in One Hundred - that's an awful lot of people who are affected! I confess to knowing very little about this subject although I did once do some voluntary work in an establishment for autistic people. Unfortunately, some were prone to violent outbursts which was a bit scary to see. I take my hat off to the people who work in this field.

Thanks for the article Mike.

23 April 2016 at 21:46 delete

No problem, just want to do my bit to help :)


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