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Seeing Adele Live In Concert?

Wednesday, March 09, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Adele is my favorite singer. I love all of her songs - literally. She is absolutely amazing! *crazy fan girl moment over*!

I discovered Adele from the Brit Awards 2011 when she did that perfect performance of  'Someone Like You' and I went to find out more of her songs and I could not stop listening to her songs.

After discovering my newly found love for Adele in 2011 I thought I would have a look if she was doing a tour for her album '21'. Sadly I missed out on her '21' tour because I didn't know that she had released the tickets. To make up for it I bought her Royal Albert Hall Live Concert DVD & CD, which I still love to this very day.

Adele Concert DVD
So to make sure I never miss out again I thought I would prepare myself for the next tour by signing up to her website to find out about ticket releases.

4 years later she finally makes a grand return with her album 25.

A few months after she revealed she was going on tour and I thought this is my chance to finally meet her. I signed up for presale tickets - and missed out. I waited for public release - and missed out again. I thought I had missed my chance... However she released extra dates so I sign up for presale tickets - and miss out AGAIN. I waited for public release - and surprise surprise I missed the tickets AGAIN!!! Kick a man whilst he's down why don't you. 

To add insult to injury people have been reselling tickets for a whopping price of up to £24,000 - yes £24,000!!! Personally I think it is wrong to make a profit on tickets, because it's making genuine fans miss out on shows. Fair enough resell the ticket if you can't make the show for whatever reason - but for the original value of the ticket.

Will I ever get to see this woman live I will never know. But I hope one day I do. But I probably won't. The closest I'll ever get to Adele is by seeing her on the TV screen. I've been watching videos on YouTube of her "25" tour - and the shows look incredible.

You are probably wondering why I am writing about this now - considering the tickets went for sale available months ago. It's because I would have been at one of her concerts this week if I got tickets.

I have just realized how pathetic this post is. It is literally me just whining about not getting any Adele tickets.


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9 March 2016 at 21:34 delete

It really sucks that you couldn't get tickets. There must be a way. Other people got them, what did they do differently? If you can do some research, maybe you will be able to get tickets next time. At least when you watch the concerts on the TV screen you have the best seat in the house, you can pause for refreshments, and there is no travelling hassles. Just use your imagination and turn up the volume.

I was a great fan of Luciano Pavarotti and eventually went to see him in Birmingham. What a disappointment. I could hardly see him at all and to make matters worst - I could hardly hear him! Outrageous! It's still nice to be able to say that I actually saw the Greatest Tenor in the World Live but watching his famous concerts on a widescreen TV really is something special.

I'm guessing that relating my experiences hasn't really cheered you up that much, and to make matters worst, I didn't win the Lottery so I couldn't buy you a £24 000 ticket. I am sure you will get a ticket in the future and relish the experience. I will keep doing the lottery! (BlueSanns)

9 March 2016 at 21:57 delete

I queued online for hours trying to get tickets aswell!! Oh well... maybe one day?? And blimey your comment is nearly as long as my post 😂😂


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