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Have I Failed My New Year Resolutions?

Wednesday, February 03, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

It's February now - already the year is moving so fast. It's been a month since I set my New Year Resolutions (I did a separate blog post with my new year resolutions). Have I managed to keep up with them? Or has it been a fail?

So my New Year Resolutions were... (you can read the full blog post here)

Keep working hard on my Blog & YouTube Channel
I think I have managed to keep up with this one. I have been working very hard, such as;
  1. Thinking of ideas - I need to think of things I can write about for my blog, and things I could record for YouTube (this is just the ideas, it doesn't mean the idea will actually be used)
  2. Planning - I need to plan the structure & format, and when it will be published
  3. Create the content - I need to actually start writing the blog post, or recording the video - hopefully it goes to plan, if not I need to think of something else to do
  4. Editing - I need to read over my blog post, correct any mistakes and make a few tweaks here and there. For YouTube I need to edit the footage to remove all of the unwanted stuff.
...it's a lengthy process. 

As I said in the original post, working hard doesn't mean never missing an upload because sometimes unexpected things happen (like an idea not going to plan, becoming ill etc.) which could potentially mean missing an upload - but I promise you, I try my hardest not to let that happen because I HATE missing an upload.

I hope you have been enjoying my recent blog posts and videos.

Keep in contact with friends
I think I have managed to keep up with this one too. Ok, I admit I haven't actually met up with any of my college mates for a while now (they go to Uni so it's hard to meet up) but I have been chatting to friends by text/messenger and we are arranging to go out for a meal sometime soon - hopefully.

I find it quite hard because I much prefer to just stay at home, watching YouTube videos. I'm not being rude, I suffer from anxiety so I get nervous over social situations. But I think it is quite important to stay in contact with my friends because I would hate to lose them.

It's looking good so far...

Be healthier
FAIL! I still eat too much chocolate, sweets & cake and not enough fruit & veg. As I said in my Resolutions post, I don't need to turn into 'full health mode', I just need to reduce the amount of snacks I have and swap a few into a healthier alternative.  I should try and work harder on this one because my health is very important.

Drink more
KINDA? I wouldn't really say I drink much more than I did before, but I do pay more attention to how much I am drinking. So it is a step in the right direction. Sometimes I don't have a drink until late afternoon, so maybe I should force myself to have a drink in the mornings, and monitor how much I drink during the day.

Drink less fizzy drinks 
FAIL! This is the new year resolution I added later on. And despite that I have still failed. When I do have a drink its fizzy. I need to reduce the amount of fizzy drinks I have. I should try and swap my fizzy drinks for juices and water - and maybe have fizzy drinks as a treat when I go out for a meal etc.

Early nights 
FAIL! As I'm writing this blog post I feel a exhausted. Why? Because I went to bed at 1am the night before (and 3am the night before that etc.). So this is one a major fail. It is quite annoying because if I go to bed earlier it means I will feel more energetic, and be more productive because I'm not stuck in bed all day. I'm not banning lie ins (definitely not, I have lie ins) but I would rather stay in bed by choice, rather than not being able to get up because I'm exhausted.

Keep my room tidy
This is one of my most successful new year resolutions. I had a clear out of all of the clutter to free up some space. I like having a tidy room. Now I suppose the main thing is to keep it up and not get lazy and let my room get a mess again.

So to be honest, I've failed most of my new year resolutions :(

Comment below if you kept up with or failed your new year resolutions

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