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Brit Awards 2016 Reaction

Thursday, February 25, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

This is an extra post - there will still be one on Wednesday, as usual

One of the biggest music award shows was on TV last night and I thought I would react to some of my favorite moments, performances and speeches of the night.

Adele turns up to the red carpet... looking gorgeous. Over the years she normally wears black, but I think it is quite nice that she is deciding to have a bit of colour.

Adele Wins Best British Female Solo

"To come back after song long away and be so warmly received is really lovely. Thank you so much" 
"To all the other girl who are nominated, thank you for letting me in your company, its a privilege" - Adele
Loads of my favourite  artists were nominated for this award - Adele, Amy Winehouse, Florence + The Machine and Jess Glynne. The winner, Adele. Of course I am glad Adele won this one because she is my favourite artist of them all, however it is difficult when other artists I love are in the same category.

Justin Bieber Performance

I am not a belieber, however I am a fan of his newer music. He performed some of "Love Yourself" alongside James Bay, and transitioned into "Sorry". It was a good but shaky performance.

Adele Wins Best British Single

As she went stage her music was playing, and here is her response...
"Oh, shut her up, turn me down"
She then moved on to her speech...
"I was not expecting this one at all, all those songs I've got, I love all them songs. It's getting out of hand already. Everyone has been amazing so far, I thought you were going to set us on fire Justin" - Adele
Jess Glynne Performance

I really like Jess Glynne, she has some amazing songs that I cannot stop listening too. Her performance was great, it was a medley of "Ain't Got Far To Go", "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" and "Hold My Hand". As I love all of these songs I think it was a brilliant performance.

Adele Wins Global Success Award

The award was announced by Tim Peake from the International Space Station... Very cool! Before she came on stage to accept the award there was a pre-filmed montage of all her achievements (e.g. world records etc.) - it is amazing what she has achieved in a relatively short space of time. And she was VERY emotional when accepting this award.
"I can't work out whether I'm crying because of this award or because Tim Peake said it, my kid's going to think I'm so cool"
*muted audio due to swearing [a few f-bombs]*
"I thought I was so lost for a while, and for you all to be so kind to me is amazing"
"Not bad for a girl from Tottehnham who don't like flying, and thanks to Tim Peake, I love you - I hope you're okay and not too hungry" -
David Bowie Brit Icon Award & Respects
I'm not going to lie saying I was a massive fan of David Bowie because his music is not of my time - but that doesn't mean I do not respect to him. It's very upsetting what happened.  I know David Bowie from a really old movie called "Labyrinth" which I absolutely love, but of course I am aware of his music.

There was a speech and tribute performance in his honor. RIP.

One Direction Win Best Music Video
The winner for this award was decided by the public on Twitter using a hashtag, e.g. #BritVidOneDirection or #BritVidAdele (obviously voting is closed now as the awards is over).

Adele was nominated for this award, but sadly she didn't win. Ed Sheeran was also nominated for this award and I would have been happy for him to win because I think "photograph" has a brilliant music video.

I don't think it is much of a surprise that One Direction one that award though because of their massive (mainly young) fan base - congratulations to them.

THE MAIN AWARD... Adele Wins Album of The Year

No surprise here. Adele's highly successful and amazing album "25" won Album of The Year. However once again another one of my favourites were also nominated, Florence + The Machine. Obviously I'm glad Adele won the main award though because she is my top singer.

I'm sorry Florence I love you, but I love Adele more.
"I'm sorry about swearing earlier and the ugly cry face, I would like to thanks the fans, you're so amazing, you blow me away every time"
"Thank you for loving me the way you do [directed to her boyfriend]  and thank you for our son"
"This is for you Peanut [her sons nickname], I love you"
- Adele
At the end she said...
"I didn't get cut off and I didn't swear"
 This was about her Album of The Year Speech 2012 for "21" when she got cut off because the show was overrunning, after just a few words into the speech, so she flipped the middle finger.


She sung "When We Were Young" which is probably my favourite song from the album (though it's hard to choose because I love them all). She also changed into a very shiny red and gold patterned dress, which as mentioned earlier is very unusual of her (based on previous years).

There were no words to describe this performance. Me and my family were sat in complete silence watching her stunning performance. She SMASHED IT!
It was also so cute because about half way through, during the backing singers part (where she doesn't sing) she pointed to a group in the audience and said "you remind me of when I was young".

No doubt she was nervous after the technical issues which caused problems during her Grammys performance recently. She also has terrible stage fright, and the added pressure of closing the show.

It's good seeing Adele live on TV, but it would be absolutely amazing in concert... maybe one day
(yes, I did try to get tickets, they all sold out instantly so I couldn't get any - even though I was on the pre-order list, and she added more dates)


After The Show

After the awards show she his pictured with all her awards. She won four Brit Awards. She is also asked some questions which are used for news articles about her opinions on the awards.

No Bloopers :(
Sadly there was no bloopers which make it very entertaining for us at home, such as last year when Madonna fell down some stairs when they tried to pull off her cape.
However, for some reason, everyone kept on facing the wrong way when doing their award speech. I don't really understand why. Clearly you'd face towards the podium like you are supposed too?? Anyway... most of the winners seemed a bit confused.

What were your favourite parts about the Brit Awards 2016? Let me know in the comments!

*please note: the photography used in this post is not my own. All credit goes to the original owners.


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