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New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, January 06, 2016 2 Comments A+ a-

Happy New Year!!!

I cannot believe it is 2015 - oops I mean 2016. Last year has gone so fast. Anyway... A new year means a new start, so it's time to start making some New Year Resolutions!

I think everyone writes the date wrong for the first couple of weeks. I remember when I was at school, after Christmas you would just see scribbles in the corner of every page because I wrote the wrong year.

My resolutions

Keep working hard on my Blog & YouTube Channel
This is a big one. I've never had to make a new year resolution dedicated to my Blog or YouTube before because I started in the summer last year.

Now, I want to explain this one a bit. Working hard on my Blog & YouTube doesn't mean never missing an upload. Obviously I do not plan to miss an upload. I enjoy making blog posts and videos for you. I am just being realistic. Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances it can prevent me from uploading for you. Remember I want to do this, so missing an upload doesn't make me feel great - in fact I feel guilty for missing an upload.

What working hard means is, to produce good quality content. For example on my YouTube, working hard doesn't just mean uploading new videos, it means making sure my videos have captions (optional subtitles for people whop are hard of hearing), coming up with video ideas, planning videos, recording videos and editing videos. There is a lot of behind the scenes stuff - a 5 minute video can take over an hour to record, and that doesn't include planning or editing. And sometimes I record a video and think it's not good enough and don't bother uploading.

Keep in contact with friends
Some of you may know that I finished college last year, my friends went to university and I didn't. That means its harder to stay in contact with some really good friends. Of course we message each other now and again, but we rarely get to meet. I really want to put the effort in to make sure we keep in contact for years to come, because I really wouldn't want to lose them.

Be healthier
I think EVERYONE has this as one of their resolutions, and I think everyone fails it after like the first month. And to be honest, I'll probably fail this one too.

By being healthier I do not mean going to the gym everyday, eating only fruit & veg and having no sweets or chocolate. Because I know for a fact that will NEVER happen. I simply mean just make a few healthier choices. For example, I could eat one small chocolate bar instead of having a large one. You get the point, I'm not saying don't have unhealthy food - I'm just saying reduce the amount of it.

Drink more
This kinda links with the one above. I really don't drink enough. Some days I could quite easily go without having a drink until tea time (lets say around 5 - 5.30pm). Ideally it should be water, however I suppose anything is better than nothing. So I think it's super important that I try and drink more.

NEW (ADDED 11TH JAN): Drink less fizzy drinks
Even though I said I don't drink enough, I do drink too much fizzy drinks. Sometimes I can have 4 cans a day, or if we go out for a meal I might have 3 glasses. I don't mind having a fizzy drink as a one off but I really need to reduce the amount I drink on a daily basis.

Early nights
Recently I have been getting into the habit of going to bed really late. 1am, 2am or even 3am (or sometimes even later). It then results in me staying in bed all day, meaning it's unproductive and generally just a waste of a day.

The past couple of weeks I have been trying to get to bed no later than midnight. I want to keep this up on a regular basis, obviously a one off is ok. Of course I will still be having lay-ins to late in the afternoon sometimes, but I would rather do that through choice, rather than physically not being able too because I'm too tired because I went to bed too late.

Keep my room tidy
After Christmas my room turns a bit into a mess because I've got to find space for my new stuff. I should probably point out my room is tiny so sometimes it can look messy because I haven't got enough room to spread things out as much. However this year I want to try and keep my room tidy. Get rid of all of the unused clutter and organize everything. And then try and not make it a mess again (that's the hard part).

Let me know what your New Year resolutions are... Comment below!

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