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Blogmas Day 7 - Favorite Christmas Movies

Monday, December 07, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

For Blogmas 2015 I will be posting every single day until Christmas, so make sure you are part of the festive fun and come back everyday!

18 Days


Christmas movies are great to sit down together and watch as a family. It's nice to cuddle up in a blanket, or in front of the fire (or both) with some snacks at hand and watch Christmas movies. I'm going to tell you some of my favorites. I have quite a few. So you might want to watch these over a few days. Or have an epic movie marathon.

  • Elf 
  • Jingle All The Way
  • Jack Frost
  • The Polar Express 
  • Home Alone
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol
  • The Grinch
  • and there is probably a few more but I can't think of them!

I'm not going into detail why I love each one otherwise this post would get a bit repetitive. I love these movies because (obviously) they have a Christmas theme, so they make you feel in the Christmas festive spirit. But also, most my favorites are fun and silly (like 'Elf', 'Jingle All The Way' and 'The Muppets Christmas Carol') which makes the movie entertaining to watch. I get really bored easily when watching movies, so they need to be relatively short (no longer than 90 mins) and be funny - so basically kids movies.

My number 1 favorite Christmas movie would have to be 'The Muppets Christmas Carol' because I absolutely love The Muppets, and we have watched it every single year from being a young child so it has nice memories.

Happy watching!

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