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Blogmas Day 18 - DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Friday, December 18, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

For Blogmas 2015 I will be posting every single day until Christmas, so make sure you are part of the festive fun and come back everyday!

7 Days


Still haven't got everyone a gift? You could make your own, it adds a personal touch - and saves you money. I only recommend attempting a DIY gift if you are good at the skill and is one of your hobbies. You still want the gift to be nice.

I would also like to note, that I have not personally tried all of these, so I might make the suggestion but I don't necessarily know how to make them myself. However as I said you should only attempt making these as a gift if you are really good at making them already.

You could also make your own cards too. This would be perfect because it fits in with your DIY theme. You could make the cards from scratch with all your own materials, or buy a DIY card set where you design your own cards with the stuff from the set.

If you are good at baking, you could make brownies, muffins, cookies, shortbread or anything else. Once you have finished making them, you could decorate them with personal touches, such as icing with their name on, or saying "with love", etc. And to finish off you could put them in a gift box, add some ribbon and they are ready to be given as a gift.

Photo Collage
Are you a bit of a photographer? If you have a large enough collection of photos you could create an album or collage full of memories, and add a personal message such as "love you". However, if you think a photo album isn't much a gift you can go online to personalized websites and put photo's onto teddies, calendars, t-shirts, mugs and much more. So while this is cheating slightly on the DIY part, you still had some part of the making process by taking the photos.

Arts & Crafts
Are you good at making things? This option has all sorts of possibilities, but it does also depend on your ability. If you are into knitting you could make a hat and gloves. If you are into pottery you could make a vase. If you are better at painting, you could buy mugs and apply your own designs onto the mug. It really depends on your skill, but if you are good at making something it might be perfect to give as a gift.

Goodies Hamper
You could create your own hamper full of their favorite goodies. If you want you could attempt to make your own fudge, chocolates or cakes - or alternatively just buy sweets and chocolates from the shop. Put it all into a gift box full of tissue paper and their favorite goodies and you have the perfect gift.

Bath Bombs & Soaps
I am going to admit, I have no clue how to make bath bombs or soaps. I recommend only doing this if you know what you are doing or if you can find a trusted 'recipe'. If you just try and attempt this, the gift could really backfire as it could irritate their skin. However once again this could make the perfect gift, as you get to create your own scents, shapes, and colours. Like all of the others, stick them in a gift box or bag and it will be perfect.

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