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Blogmas Day 13 - The Perfect Christmas Tree

Sunday, December 13, 2015 1 Comments A+ a-

For Blogmas 2015 I will be posting every single day until Christmas, so make sure you are part of the festive fun and come back everyday!

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We have an artificial Christmas Tree (one of those fake plastic ones) which we use every single year since I can remember. And there is nothing wrong with it, but I have always wanted a real tree. I'm going to tell you how I would decorate my perfect tree.

The first part of getting the perfect Christmas Tree is choosing the tree itself. I would choose a large tree, but not too big where it looks silly because it is too big for the room. It would have to have enough branches so it doesn't have any bald spots, and hopefully not many needles will not fall off.

The next part of getting the perfect Christmas Tree is decorating it. The colour scheme I would go for is, copper, gold and silver as I think this is a mature color scheme, but still has a Christmas look and feel. Don't worry though it is not going to be boring, it will have some fun stuff on there too.

I would go for a mixture of copper baubles and Christmas shaped baubles (like Santa, snowmen, reindeer etc.) spread across the tree. The copper baubles will contrast against the green of the tree and should give a Christmas feeling. And the Christmas/Santa baubles make it seem more fun and exciting.

I would have multi-colour fairy lights so the tree is bright and colourful. I would like the lights to have different options such as; Steady lights where the lights just stay on. And flashing lights where the lights alternate colours and keep flashing on and off.

I would also have large gold crackers with the premium gifts inside, silver tinsel wrapped around the tree, and a few cadbury's chocolates & candy canes scattered around because I think it's nice to have some chocolates and snacks on the tree. This is probably because I like to snack a lot, and no doubt these will have to be restocked before Christmas.

There are two main options for the tree topper. Either an angel or a star. Personally I prefer the star at the top of the tree, but I also think it would look better with the colour scheme I have used for the tree.

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