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YouTube Red: Good or Bad?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

YouTube has recently released a new paid subscription service called YouTube Red. It is currently only available in the US (at the time of writing this post).

It gains you many additional features including; No Ads, watching content offline and exclusive content. Google Play Music is also included in the price.

Well it all sounds good doesn't it. Well yes. In my opinion anyway. Its only $9.99 a month and it gives you a bunch of extra features.

When YouTube announced the new 'Red' subscription service, social media comments went wild. People completely misunderstood what YouTube Red is. This is why you shouldn't believe everything you read because the rumours went crazy, and most of them were completely wrong. 

Here are some of the things people thought: 

YouTube is no longer free
Wrong! Standard YouTube is still free and works exactly the same as it works now. You can still watch all the usual videos and you will occasionally see ads. But you can choose to upgrade to the optional YouTube Red for extra features if you want.

If a YouTuber you watch signs up to YouTube Red you to do to watch their videos
Wrong! Their videos are still free. However if they have agreed to make a new exclusive series then yes you will have to pay to watch that - but not the standard videos which you have been watching. So you are not losing out.

No Ads is pointless because you can use ad blocker which is free
Kinda True! The new Red service gives you other features on top of No Ads though. So you would being paying for all the other bonuses which you cannot get for free. Plus paying for this service is supporting creators because it allows them to earn money.

If creators don't sign up for the paid service they cannot earn money any more
Wrong! Creators can still have a standard account and earn money from YouTube. They just need to agree to the new terms and conditions that means you can earn money from ad revenue and the new subscription revenue. It doesn't mean you have to pay - you just have to agree that you want to earn money from both Ads and the new Subscription revenue.

So basically YouTube is exactly the same. If you stick with the standard free account you are not losing anything, you will continue to be able to watch all the YouTubers and you will still see Ads - you are not losing any features. But if you choose to upgrade to the optional YouTube Red service you get a bunch of extra features, such as no ads and exclusive content. Yes if you stick with the standard account you won't see the exclusive content, but the exclusive content is a new set of series - the usual videos are still completely free to watch.

So I kinda made this blog post to just explain YouTube Red a bit better.

Personally I quite like the idea of YouTube Red. Comment below what YOU think of YouTube Red! And will you be signing up to it?

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