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I Met Tyler Oakley!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

I met Tyler Oakley on Friday! This was my second YouTuber meet-up, and hopefully will not be my last. I also blogged my last meet-up when I went to Marcus Butler's book signing, which you can read here.

The signing started at 11:00am so we wanted to get there nice and early to beat the massive queue. That did not go quite to plan. We arrived at about 10.15, nearly an hour before the signing was meant to start, and already there was a MASSIVE queue, which kept growing and growing and growing (and growing and growing). The queue literally went onto another street, there must have been about 1,000 people there, which is absolutely crazy.

As we were waiting patiently in line we got passers-by asking "whats going on?" so we would reply "Tyler Oakley book signing", some people questioned who this guy was, others looked a little confused and walked on. Clearly these people don't understand the 'YouTube thing' (but to be fair these people were quite old, no offence). However, there was one person who definitely knew who he was. When I told her it was Tyler Oakley her eyes bulged out in excitement, she didn't believe it at first. She begged her gran for tickets, but sadly for her they have to be booked online beforehand because they sell out, and eventually her gran had to drag her away. I felt so sorry for her because clearly she likes his videos, and she missed out on meeting him.

Still waiting in line, freezing cold and starving (I had no breakfast) and the queue still hadn't moved because the signing still hadn't started yet. We had no snacks, and teasing us was a delicious smell from all the nearby cafes and restaurants. But at least it didn't start raining.

Surprisingly, when the queue did start moving, it moved fast. As the queue moved along, and the closer we got, the more excited we became. Everyone was really excited. Well nearly everyone. The parents looked bored and miserable.

We got inside the bookstore at about 12.15 which means its nearly our turn to meet Tyler. Just before we got to meet him we were told a few instructions "get your cameras ready" and "no kissing him or trying to pick him up, he doesn't mind a hug but don't squeeze him too hard". Does that mean people have tried to pick him up at other meet-ups?

A minute later it was our turn. I always get nervous at this point because I don't  know what to do. Do I say hi? Give a high-five? Or a hug? I am probably over thinking this. Anyway he took my phone and took three 3 selfies, each with a different pose and me doing an awkward smile in all of them. It was so amazing meeting him. To actually see and hear him in real life is incredible. It really is unbelievable to think I watch this guy who makes videos online and I have actually met him.

On the way out we were given a pre-signed copy of his book 'Binge' and an exclusive poster. We were in the queue for about 2 hours, which actually wasn't too bad considering how far away from the front we were, but thankfully nowhere near the back, just to meet him for literally 10 seconds - but its worth it.

It was a really fun, but long day!

Love you Tyler!

I wonder which YouTuber I will meet next?

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