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Adele 25 Reaction & Opinion

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Adele released her new album '25' on Friday 20th. I, and millions of other people have been waiting years for this, so obviously I couldn't wait to hear it. I was so excited to listen to her new album, as I loved her new single 'Hello'. Plus I am a massive Adele fan.

I've had a few days to listen to the new album, so I am able to give you my opinions on it. In fact, as I am writing this blog post I'm listening to the album.

The title of the album was very predictable, her last 2 albums were also named after her age (19 & 21) so there is no big surprise there. However I like the simple title name. It reminds me of a diary but in music form, it shows how she has progressed over the years. You can look back and relate to how she was feeling at a certain point in her life.

The artwork for the album is very similar to 21's. It is a black and white shot close-up of her face. However it has no text on the front, not her name, or even the albums name. However she is so well known it doesn't need to say Adele, and the album has been so anticipated it doesn't really need a title. All we need to know is that it's Adele's new album - and a plain photo does the job.

Adele 25 Album Cover - Plain & Simple

But the main part of an album is the music. And what is my opinion on it. Is it any good? Personally I feel like it is a transition album. Some songs are very similar to 21 in style. Others have a new style. You can definitely tell it's Adele with the strong, powerful vocals. And most songs being very simple ballads. I love every single song on the album. That is now 3 full albums I love from Adele.

However the main question is.... 'Is it better than 21?'. Well obviously this is going to come down to preference. It is obvious the album is going to be a massive success, like 21. In my opinion 25 is a brilliant album, I absolutely love it. I think the album was definitely worth the wait. In my opinion I think it is worth waiting a few years per album for an amazing masterpiece, then having any old rubbish released every year. And Adele has certainly created another masterpiece.

So overall, Adele has came out with yet another wonderful album. I feel like its quite similar to 21 in some ways, but if it ain't broken don't fix it. It will definitely be a big seller, but I don't know if it will be quite as successful as 21. But you have to be realistic what happened with 21 was just crazy - and even Adele has said this.

Comment your opinions on 25! Do you like it? What's your favorite song? Let me know...

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