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Team Internet Vs. Team TV

Saturday, October 10, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

So there are two major entertainment platforms. The one you are using to read this blog, Team Internet, or a much older, but still very popular, Team TV.

I am writing this blog about why I think Team Internet is better than Team TV. Obviously both have their advantages, but I am focusing on why Team Internet is a wonderful thing. Don't get me wrong, I also love Team TV. If you have me on Twitter you will know I am always tweeting about the X Factor, Britians Got Talent, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and other popular Saturday Night TV programs. Plus I am a little biased... I mean I am a YouTuber, Vlogger & Blogger - all of which are Team Internet!

First thing,
Team Internet is created by us, everyday people. Anyone who has an internet connection can start creating content, whether its writing blogs, making videos creating music or anything else.

However, Team TV has a full on production team, while that can mean professional quality I feel like it doesn't connect to the audience quite as much. Also it's harder to get a major role on TV so you are limited to what you can do, having your own space on the internet allows you to do what you want.

Second thing,
Team Internet means you can watch/read/listen to the content you want on demand. You can watch/read/listen as soon as the content is published, another day or come back to it in 3 years time. Whenever. Basically it is more convenient, it can fit in when you are free.

However Team TV is stuck to schedules, meaning you can miss your favorite shows. A fix around this is "+1 channels" however it still isn't very flexible, or there is "Catch Up websites", however this is moving onto the Team Internet side.

Third thing,
Team Internet brings many wonderful opportunities. As many of you reading this will probably know, big YouTubers have released merchandise, product lines, books, doing tours/ shows etc. and many other wonderful things, that they wouldn't have got the opportunity to do. But it also gives creators the opportunity to spread important messages, such as Anti-Bullying

However, Team TV does also bring many wonderful opportunities, such as Major TV stars have wrote their own books and have their own product lines or merchandise and can spread messages across TV, but sadly it is much harder to become a TV star than an Internet sensation. Don't get me wrong, becoming a Social Media star doesn't come easy. But, as mentioned earlier, anyone can create a blog or YouTube channel, but not everyone can get a major part on the TV.

Fourth thing,
Team Internet has everything in one place which is easy to find. You simply search for keywords and the content you want appears for you. It is simply a lot easier to find what you want.

However, on Team TV you have to go through all the different TV channels to find what you want or read through a TV Paper to see what's on, it just isn't as convenient or easy.

Anyway that is enough on that. As I said I do love both, I wouldn't want to get rid of one to replace the other. Comment what side you are on... Team Internet or Team TV and why you chose that team (however I know my main audience or probably Team Internet so it may be a little biased).

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