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Is The X Factor About Talent Anymore?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

So the UK version of The X Factor has been on the past few weeks and I LOVE IT!!!!

The X Factor is one of the biggest Saturday Night TV Shows and is to find new talented singers. Anyone can enter which makes it even better because it is giving an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to ordinary people.

However I am starting to think The X Factor is no longer about finding new talent or the next big singer, but instead is used for a bit of fame and drama.

"Its not all about the voice"
It is becoming more and more common that you hear the judges say this. If I am not mistaken The X Factor is a singing competition, therefore the main factor for putting someone through to the next round should be primarily based on their voice. I know there are a couple of other factors you must consider, such as attitude etc. but the main point of the show is to find a new singer so yes it is all about the voice.

Silly Acts
These are absolutely hilarious to watch and can be very entertaining, but sometimes these silly acts get through. When these silly acts get through it is wasting a space for a potential great singer and that isn't fair on the others. I know watching someone just stand there might not be very fun to watch, but to me the vocal performance needs to be a priority. Any dance routines, flashing lights etc. is an added bonus - not a replacement.

The Future
If you look at the previous contestants and see how far they go in the future you will see most of them fade away. Of course you have a few that have been really successful, like One Direction, but the majority I haven't even heard one single from them, not to even bother mentioning an album. Could you name every winner of The X Factor? I know I have forgotten half of them.

Some contestants go on X Factor for the fame. They don't make it very far on the show and next thing they are taking part on reality TV or game shows, or even hosting a TV show. Clearly they didn't want to be a recording artist, they just wanted to be on the TV. There is nothing wrong with exploring new areas, and I'm in no way hating on a particular act or any of the acts that have done this, but to go on The X Factor saying something like "singing is my dream, singing is my life" and then just move on to a completely different career just proves my point.

Now as I said I love The X Factor. I'll be watching next week. I'll be watching next year. I have been to The X Factor Tour. And one day I might even go to see the auditions or finals live in the audience. 
There is also many wonderful things that have come from The X Factor, some acts have become really successful and that has given ordinary people a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm just saying I don't think The X Factor is for finding the next big superstar, it is purely for entertainment.

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