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Adele Teaser Track & Single Release

Friday, October 23, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

So the other week during The X Factor ad break there was a mysterious advert.

It was a black screen with some lyrics, accompanied with a piano and some beautiful singing. At the end of the 30 second teaser it simply said " . . . " and that was it. Nothing else.

Well it only turned out to be the one and only, Adele!!!!

Yes that is right... Adele! Her new album is coming and I cannot wait to hear it!

Since the TV ad, she has written an open letter on her Twitter that tells us a little more about the album and why it took so long. But she didn't go on to say a release date, or even the Album name.

However, a couple of days later she confirmed the album will be called 25 and will be released on the 20th November. The full track-list titles have also been revealed.

The first single from the album (which is called Hello, which was in the teaser ad) has actually been released TODAY so if you haven't heard it already, go and listen to it now! RIGHT NOW!

So I am waiting for the 20th November, but for now I will have to listen to "Hello" on loop.

Love ya Adele x

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