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My Music Playlist

Monday, September 21, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-


I have created a Music Playlist full of all the songs I love, and I decided to make it public so you can listen too!

The playlist was originally made for me so I know where I can find all of the songs I like easily without having to search through YouTube. I literally use this playlist everyday!

There are over 100 songs (and more will be added in the future). Some songs may repeat if I like a different version or live version of the same song.

Hope you enjoy :)


  • I cannot guarantee all lyrics and/or videos are suitable for all ages.
  • I am not promoting anyone, I am simply sharing the music I like in my music playlist.
  • I have tried to use official channels and videos but in some cases that was not possible, and an alternative has been used instead
  • All credit goes to the original creators of the music and video


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