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Monday Motivation

Monday, September 14, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Today is a Monday... And most of us hate Mondays, so I thought I would write this to keep you motivated!

I know that it is easy to think 'I can't be bothered and don't care' - especially to those of you who have recently gone back to school. I used to think exactly the same, until I took a new approach and looked at things differently.

I stopped thinking about the negatives because it really didn't help with anything - in fact it just made things worse. So I tried thinking in an optimistic, positive and happy way - and I am so glad I did because it certainly did make a big impact!

I tried thinking like this;
Monday is a new week, so I would treat it like a fresh start. I would put last week behind me because that is in the past, and do something towards my future.

I think it is VERY important to always start the day with a positive attitude towards everything I do. Everything has a positive side so I would focus on that, and that would keep me going to work hard and achieve what I wanted for that day.

Think about it... If you start the day with a negative attitude, you have already made a bad start to the day, and that means it will probably end that way too.

Thinking positive made days a lot more productive and enjoyable because you haven't got the 'I hate today' thought running through your mind all day... So that was an added bonus!

If a day didn't go quite as expected, that's fine. I know not everyday is going to be brilliant, but I can do things to make the bad days better - and that is what is important!

Now it's your turn;
Try and approach things like this, come back in a few weeks and comment below if it helped you - because it definitely helped me a lot.

Anyway... Why does Monday get all the hate? You go to school or work other days of the week too!

Bring on next Monday! (or is that a step to far?)

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