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Harry Potter Studios Tour

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

So earlier on this year I went to 'The Making Of Harry Potter, Warner Brothers Studio Tour' and I must say it was one of the most amazing things I have ever been to!

The tickets were so high in demand, and what made it even harder was we had to try and find a nearby hotel with available rooms to match the date of the tour. Luckily we got some of the last few tickets available during the school holidays.

Just pulling up outside the studio was exciting, and I couldn't wait to get inside...

Our tour started at 6pm, but because we arrived a bit early we decided to go to the gift shop first so we didn't have to waste time at the end because the tour ended at 10pm. The gift shop was amazing, however it was very expensive - but that was to be expected. It was unbelievable at the things you could buy, from the usual key-rings and guides to the wizards wands and cloaks (gowns) and other collectible items.

Now I don't want to tell you too much about the tour because, first of all my words wouldn't describe just how brilliant the tour was, and secondly I wouldn't want to ruin or spoil it for you in case you go in the future.

The first part of the tour is an introduction about Harry Potter and so on, which lasted just a few minutes, and after this short introduction you go on and you are free to go around yourself - it isn't a guided tour. Personally I preferred that it wasn't a guided tour because you can move around at your own pace, plus you haven't got to listen to some scripted rubbish from the tour guide - however there were plenty of staff around and information boards for those a bit more interested in the details.

Another advantage of the tour being unguided was you could spend as long as you like there, this means all tours end at 10pm regardless of your start time. Sadly we were a bit rushed because we had the last time slot available (6pm - 10pm) but we did get to see everything. I'm in no way complaining because there is more than enough time, however I could have easily spent at least another hour overall looking around. Plus the advantage of having the last time slot is that it is late so most people have already left meaning you don't have to wait as long to get a picture with the main attractions, or be cramped with other people when looking around. As the staff said at the beginning "you could finish the tour in 30 minutes if you quickly went around, but at the same time we have had someone stay 12 hours".

I'm not going to mention all of the things you see in the tour because I would be here for ages, but more importantly I don't want to ruin for fun for anyone who may go in the future. However I will mention a few of my favorite parts

     Green Screen
     Photography is prohibited in this part. This is where you can ride the broom sticks similar to how they do in the movies. You can also buy a photo or video of you riding the broom stick.

     The Hogwarts Express
     This was a new addition to the tour, and it was absolutely amazing to see the Hogwarts Express, you could also go inside and walk through the carriages. Sadly you couldn't actually ride the train.

     Diagon Alley
     Sadly my phone had ran out of storage and battery by the time we got to this part so I couldn't get any pictures, but it was really cool  to see the alley.

     Hogwarts Castle
     It was not full size, however it was a large model that looked absolutely stunning. I think this had to be everyone's favorite part, it may not have had any interactive parts (like being able to go inside it for example) but it was stunning to look at and was amazing for photos. Again my phone had no battery so I couldn't get any photos.

     And many more parts to go and see...
     There were so many other amazing and interesting things to see.

You might be thinking "why didn't you vlog it?" and the answer to that is simple... I didn't do YouTube at the time. However I have recorded a Haul Video of the things I got from the gift store, which you can watch here.

And to finish up this blog post, I really recommend you go if you get the chance, it was absolutely amazing day, this blog post really doesn't give it enough credit.

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