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Back To School

Friday, September 04, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

It is the start of September and many people are going back to school... Yay... Not!
If you are in this age group you are probably thinking 'don't remind me', and I used to be exactly the same. If you have finished school, like me, you are probably thinking 'I've finished school so I don't care'. Well I do care actually, I have great sympathy for you because I really hated school, I'm just trying to make you a little bit jealous.
For most people going back to school is the worst thing ever, however for some it is something new and exciting (but also quite scary) because they are starting high school, college or university for the first time.
^ if this applies to you, don't be stressing!
A new years means buying new stationary - don't be forgetting your pens and other equipment. Getting new uniform - don't forget to do that top button (I'm starting to sound like a teacher). And Getting a haircut... Well, you've got to luck good for those school photos in a few weeks. Oh how I hated them. Waiting in line with everyone watching whilst you do an awkard smile. 'CHEESE'.
Basically I am using this time to reflect back on my school memories, and make you a little bit jealous whilst I'm at it. What?? I've got to do something with all this free time I have while you are busy doing homework.
Have fun, and don't worry too much :)

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