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I Met Marcus Butler!

Wednesday, August 05, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

We arrive at the bookshop at 10am (the meet up started at 11am) and there was already a massive queue, and that only grew in size when we joined.

It was a great atmosphere, everyone was excited to meet Marcus (obviously) except for maybe a few parents who didn't know who this 'man from the Internet' was. Singing, screaming, and cheering kept coming from several bunches of people. Every now and again a random person passing by would ask "what's going on" and when we replied "Marcus Butler book signing" they looked a little confused (they didn't know what a YouTuber was).

It got to 11am, Marcus steps outside, and as you would expect everyone screams (really loud) and Marcus vlogs everyone in the queue. CLICK HERE WATCH THE VLOG!

2 hours after we first joined the queue we got into the bookshop, asked to show our wristbands and then we were given a pre-signed copy of 'Hello Life' and about 2 minutes later got to meet the man himself.

"Ok its your turn now" said security or bookshop worker and pointed to Marcus. I step forward and Marcus was so happy to see me, we didnt really get time to chat (obviously there was probably about 500 people) but I got the usual, "hi how are you", a hug and a couple of selfies with him - what more could I ask?

So was it worth the 2 hour queue for 30 seconds with Marcus? Yes, yes it was worth it!
This was my first ever time meeting a YouTuber, and I must say it was a wonderful day.

I hope I get to see some more YouTubers soon!

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