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A-Level Results Day!

Thursday, August 13, 2015 1 Comments A+ a-

Hello everyone

Today is a very important day to most 18 year olds, it is A-Level Results Day! These results can cause so much pressure because in many cases it is the deciding factor which University you go to, if any.

I didn't want to go to University so I didn't have the added pressure or stress, however I obviously still wanted to do well because I did work hard over the 2 years. I took a look at my results to see I got 2 A*'s and 1 A (equivalent) and was very proud to achieve this.

I was glad to see all of my friends also got brilliant grades and managed to get into the University they wanted and the course they wanted, all the hard work and effort paid off and they were definitely not disappointed. Well done friends!
- Comment below how your A-Levels went!

I wish the best of luck to everyone this results day - but remember grades are not everything!

It's your turn next week GCSE students!

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I got 2 A*s & 1 A (equivalent) - how did you do?


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